The past few days I have been shooting with Wallpaper magazine for their January issue which will be published in mid December. They’re a very diverse magazine not just focusing on one aspect like most magazines. The shoot I did with them incorporated architecture, design and fashion.


Both days started very early, I was up at six shooting till six. The team were so friendly and they got to know that I was a coffee addict pretty quickly, so on the second day there was a steaming cuppa and a croissant waiting for me when I arrived. Thank you! What made the mornings (and days) even better, was that the apartment we were shooting in had under floor heating. This meant the start of my day was dreamy! With the rain pouring down outside, I was lucky enough to be sipping on my coffee and munch on my croissant, my feet getting toasty. Additionally getting pampered by hair and makeup. Not bad hey?!

The location of the shoot was in the most amazing flat in north London, it was very spacious and minimal. The cloths were very in keeping with the shoot, imagine you were spending the day at home being very productive in a cosy, crisp outfit, it balanced well with the surroundings of the flat. The design team were amazing and each shot to a few hours for them set up rearranging things until it was perfect. Then I’d hop in!

The shoot was based around wellness. They wanted to capture different images around someones daily routine and the things people can use to better themselves within it. This particular shot was based on skin. This remedy of using dry ice is supposedly mean to help ‘freeze’ your skin and make you look more youthful if done daily, crazy I know! I had most fun shooting this one as I’d never see dry ice before, I felt like I was in a potions lesson at Hogwarts seeing the fog form and spill over the sides of the tray!

This was one of the photos they took using the dry ice. It did take a while, and a lot of blowing to get the fog to rise but we had a lot of fun with it, although I was freezing by this point with the massive bowl of ice in front of me and adding to the chilly fog!