Wednesday 23 February

Today has been the best day! I started my day off with an 8am gym class at Lomax with my sister. I’ve been so busy during fashion week with shows, hair and makeup tests, castings, being up at 6am and to bed at 1am that I feel I’ve had no me time, and no time for the gym! so that was great.

We then went and grabbed breakfast at CPress which is a really cute cafe just next to Lomax you should defiantly go check it out! We had a yummy Acai Bowl and coffee. What i really liked was the size of the bowls they were huge! So you really feel like you’re getting your moneys worth.


After breaky I went to the FaceGym in Fulham to really rejuvenate it after having so many product on it, and the lack of sleep I’ve had has really made my skin breakout. It was my first time and I left red faced but feeling so fresh! I’ve put there link down below to there Facebook page if you want to check it out. The idea of it is that it’s meant to be a work out for your face so they really do massage and move your face. It was pretty amazing!


I then popped next door to the Blue Bird to catch up on email, and to get my new instagram going. I’ve named it @themunchymodel so please go give it a follow! I also had a yummy lunch there and did lots of admin for Rome as me and my boyfriend fly in the morning! I’m so excited!!!

I then had quite a relaxing afternoon compared to the passed week, after lunch I headed over to my Stella Mccartney casting which was so fun! Then I headed back to my sisters flat which is where I’ve been staying, packed up my things and headed to station to get the train home. Im now sitting on the train getting crazily excited for Rome tomorrow!! WOOP.